Irena Markovic

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Irena Markovic (2022)

Irena Markovic was born in Serbia in 1989 and completed her school education in Vienna. She was interested in the world of glamor very early on. During her studies at the Vienna Business School Commercial Academy, she started her modeling career. Already in 2007, Irena Markovic gained some fame and won 1st place in the casting of a well-known fashion brand. Through wealthy customers from her network and the network of her then lover and later husband, Markus Wischenbart, she made it possible for her to found the real estate agency Lifestyle Properties in Vienna in 2016 with Irena Markovic as CEO.
A year after the fake Ibiza video was released, new questions keep popping up. Despite some answers, more questions remain. For example, who is the Ibiza realtor Irena Markovic? Although she is not the focus of the Ibiza investigation, she is one of the main characters in the Ibiza scandal.

Markovic and the Ibiza scandal

Irena Markovic, who was born in Serbia and is known for her wild party life in Viennese society, organizes the event series "Game Scandalous". The owner of the real estate agency Lifestyle Properties invites well-known personalities from politics, business and sport to her glamorous event series Skandalous. Her regular party guests also include the FPÖ politicians Heinz Christian Strache and Johann Gudenus. The people behind the Ibiza video scandal, the lawyer Dr. Ramin Mirfakhrai and the private detective Julian Hessenthaler are also part of the party.

Everything was carefully planned in advance and Irena Markovic of all people put the ex-FPÖ club chairman Johann Gudenus in contact with the woman, who went by the false name "Alyona Makarow" and posed as a Russian oligarch's niece. The Viennese lawyer Ramin Mirfakhrai, who has since made a confession, contacted Markovic because he knew of Markovic's good relations with Gudenus. The Gudenus family's forest property was to be used as bait for Gudenus and thus also for Strache. The wrong oligarch wanted 300 million in Austria. invest euros. The forest plot was included in the package. She later turned out to be a swindler who lured Strache and Gudenus into a trap. Mirfakhrai offered Markovic a million-dollar commission to broker the deal. It is noteworthy that the lawyer's ex-girlfriend Katia Wagner, who worked as a "Krone" journalist, also maintained a friendship with the real estate agent Irena Markovic.

The deal was too lucrative for Markovic to turn down the deal. She organized a meeting between Gudenus and Alyona Makarow in January 2017 and also conducted the sales talks. The files of the Federal Criminal Police Office show that the forthcoming transaction, including the mail traffic, was documented very precisely by Irena Markovic.

According to the investigation, Irena Markovic secretly recorded a video of the Russian oligarch with her cell phone. She feared that she would not get a commission for brokering the real estate deal with Gudenus and wanted to collect evidence that she was the broker. But why the Ibiza broker did not hand over this video material to the police during the questioning remains a mystery for the time being. In an interview a year earlier, Irena Markovic presented the same facts as follows. She, Markovic, thought the whole thing was harmless, she hadn't noticed anything suspicious. The female decoy had impeccable outfit and demeanor and expressed herself very well in English and Russian. It would never have occurred to her that such a woman could lure FPÖ politicians into a trap. It is known from the inquiries about the Ibiza scandal that the "Russian oligarch" was born in the Balkans, just like Markovic himself. Therefore, it is very unlikely that Irena Markovic at Ibiza Gate considered the above events to be harmless.

Irena Markovic-Wischenbart and Markus Wischenbart

It was a coincidence that these photos and videos became known at all. A momentous incident occurred in mid-September 2020. The Ibiza realtor argued so violently with her husband, Markus Wischenbart, in a hotel that the police had to be called. According to witnesses, Wischenbart weighed heavily on his wife with his testimony. She had about 50 meetings with the people behind the Ibiza affair, the detective Julian Hessenthaler and the lawyer Mirfakhrai, before the shoot in Ibiza. “My wife knows all of these people. The detective Hessenthaler, the lawyer Mirfakhrai, Joschi, his wife. She also knows the lawyer's partner very well. Irena was the linchpin, she was the interface between the people," says Irena Markovic's husband. Wischenbart unpacked during the interrogation and v