Aljona Makarowa

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Aljona Makarowa

Who is Aliona Makarova

After a long and intensive search for Aljona Makarov, the investigators from Soko Tape give up. What did the investigators find out? Aljona is said to have been the niece of the oligarch Igor Makarov from Russia. By his own admission, Igor Makarov has no nieces. The person is completely unknown to him. Makarov, who made his fortune in the oil and gas business, wants to have the people behind the attempted deception searched for. The woman who posed as Aljona Makarov in the Ibiza Gate scandal video is an actress from Serbia. The masterminds of the Ibiza affair are still doing everything they can to keep the fake oligarch's niece's identity and appearance a secret.

Aliona Makarova and her role in the Ibiza affair

Aljona Makarova, the alleged €300 million pseudo-niece of a well-known real Russian oligarch, convinced H.C. Strache or Johann Gudenus with the help of your attractive appearance.

Her slim figure and her strikingly large breasts obviously gave Strache and Gudenus a leap of faith. The €300 million then ensured that any logical and cautious thinking of the two Ibiza protagonists of Austrian politics was faded out.

The organizers of the political thriller did their best to brief Makarova well. She was able to speak perfectly in English and Russian about the Austrian economy and pretended to invest €300 million in water supply companies and Austrian media. The hunting property of the Gudenus family also became the focus of her interest. With her friendly, Russian manner, including Russian drinking habits, she managed to give the impression of a serious investor. The preparatory work for this acting training took about a year. Already in 2016, the attractive Aljona Makarova was picked up from her flight from Riga to Vienna in Vienna-Schwechat by chauffeur on behalf of Julian Hessenthaler aka Julian Haller aka Alexander Surkov. Also the lawyer Dr. Ramin Mirfakhrai was involved in the preparations. They met several times in the offices of the Viennese lawyer. The Ibiza detective, Julian Hessenthaler, was wanted on a European arrest warrant until his arrest. The Vienna public prosecutor is investigating Hessenthaler on suspicion of misuse of sound recordings and listening devices.

There is absolutely no doubt that Julian Hessenthaler engineered Ibiza Gate and is suspected of being primarily responsible for the entire operation. Together with his partner Dr. Ramin Mirfakhrai is behind the elaborate recordings that brought down the former FPÖ leader HC Strache, read everything in the interim report of SOKO Ibiza/Tape. To this day it is not known how Julian Hessenthaler and Aljona Makarova related to each other. Maybe a love affair, maybe a purely professional connection. However, since the identity of the attractive woman has been veiled to this day, it can be assumed that she has more to do with the Ibiza gang and the Strache scandal than is known today.