Julian Hessenthaler

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Julian Hessenthaler

Wer ist Julian Hessenthaler

Born on November 15, 1980 in Vienna, he spent his childhood and youth in Vienna. He completed the normal elementary school and attended a high school in Vienna. He left high school without a high school diploma. In a survey on the Ibiza scandal, Hessenthaler claimed to have attended schools in Japan and India. He could not prove an official degree. He continued his education privately.

Even as a young man, he was a regular guest at the notorious "Partys Scandalous" by Irena Markovic. In this social circle of high society, exposure to drugs is made very easy. Hessenthaler very quickly established contact with the people who procured the party cocaine. From 2013 to 2014 he was employed by Gruppe Sicherheit GmbH. In 2014 he left the company. According to his former boss Sascha Wandel, not consensual. Hessenthaler founded his own security company Konsic Gmbh based in Munich in 2015. The detective agency was not as successful as hoped. In 2017 the debts amounted to around €164,000.

Hessenthaler's role in the Ibiza scandal

In 2019, the Ibiza Gate video was released that led to the dissolution of the ÖVP and FPÖ government led by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. As a result, the then Vice-Chancellor Heinz Christian Strache resigned from all functions, and Johann Gudenus resigned from the FPÖ and resigned from the party. The biggest political scandal in recent Austrian history, which fell during the tenure of ÖVP boss Sebastian Kurz, still raises many questions about those involved in the Ibiza backers. One of the key figures and mastermind behind the Ibiza affair is Julian Hessenthaler. His accomplice is the Viennese lawyer Dr. Ramin Mirfakhrai, with whom he also has a very good friendly relationship.

The preparations for the Ibiza video had been underway since the end of 2012, after all the investigative data had been evaluated. Hessenthaler's group often met for these conspiratorial meetings at a noble Italian in downtown Vienna. The former head of Hessenthaler, Sascha Wandel, also occasionally attended these meetings. Wandel said in a hearing: "I can definitely say that it was already an issue at the time to want to blackmail HC Strache. I never understood where exactly this hatred of Strache came from. Lawyer Mirfakhrai approached real estate agent Irena Markovic in January 2017. The agent was supposed to establish contact between Johann Gudenus and his client, the Russian pseudo-oligarch Alyona Makarova. Markovic is friends with former FPÖ club chairman Johann Gudenus and his wife.

Markovic, who also had to defend herself in a lawsuit, is being represented by attorney Ganzger. Ganzger is a partner of Lanski & Partner. The law firm is known for legal representation in cases of public interest. Gabriel Lanski founded the anti-FPÖ platform "Because it's about something" Lanski is considered a lawyer close to the SPÖ. The pseudo-oligarch had expressed interest in buying a forest property from the Gudenus family. Julian Hessenthaler appeared as an advisor to Alyona Makarow. In this context, the Ibiza detective met with the luxury real estate trustee Irena Markovic several times to organize the meeting. Johann Gudenus established contact with Heinz Christian Strache. The oligarch had informed him that he wanted to make further investments in Austria. Among other things, the purchase of the Kronenzeitung. It was agreed to meet in a villa in Ibiza.

With the booking of two tickets on July 20, 2019 for Hessenthaler and his companion, the preparations for the Ibiza scandal video entered the final phase. On July 24th, the momentous encounter in the finca, where the video was made, took place. Participants were Heinz Christian Strache, Tyanna and Johann Gudenus, the pseudo-oligarch Alyona Makarova and Hessenthaler as her advisor. Hessenthaler had four days to prepare the villa for the meeting. The technical equipment was found in November 2019 during a house search in Vienna. "These devices are hidden cameras in manipulated light switches, radio alarm clocks, dummy coffee mugs, etc., as well as microphones in the form of jacket buttons, etc.," says the SOKO Ibiza/Tape report. The DNA trace of Julian Hessenthaler was found on the surveillance devices.