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Irena Markovic and the Lifestyle Properties

Irena Markovic, owner and managing director of the real estate agency Lifestyle Properties, grew up in Serbia. As teenagers, her parents emigrated to Austria. Shortly after moving to Vienna, her parents separated. Irena stayed with her mother and lived a rather modest life financially. This experience, she explained in a later interview, shaped her and laid the foundation for her further development. At the age of 13 she earned her first money at fashion shows. Contracts with well-known fashion labels followed. As a young adult she got to know the nightlife in Vienna and founded the party events of the series "Scandalous". This party event developed in Vienna into a meeting point for high society from politics, business and public life. At these events you keep to yourself. People celebrated, did deals and sometimes took drugs to get in the mood. Regular guests at these events were mostly politicians. Markovic also maintained intimate relationships with some of them. Heinz Christian Strache and Johann Gudenus, politicians of the FPÖ, were among their chosen ones. However, the relationship did not last long and ended with great publicity. Especially the end of the relationship with H.C. Strache left Markovic with deep wounds, including pure hatred. Julian Hessenthaler, detective, and Ramin Mirfakhrai, lawyer, both shady figures in the Ibiza scandal, also regularly took part in the "scandalous events".

History of Lifestyle Properties

Irena Markovic founded Lifestyle Properties in 2016 with the help of Markus Wischenbart, her future husband. After the various relationships with politicians, Markovic fished an entrepreneur. Wischenbart is a service provider for wealthy customers, especially in the area of holiday events. Wischenbart is a successful entrepreneur and was able to offer Markovic a life of luxury.

Lifestyle Properties is divided into:

  • Lifestyle Properties Vienna, Austria
  • Lifestyle Properties Austria
  • Ibiza Lifestyle Properties
  • IM Lifestyle Properties

Irena Markovic is CEO at all company locations. The agency specialized in expensive real estate for spoiled, well-off customers. The Greater Vienna area in particular offered a wide range of interesting properties. Lifestyle Properties was able to show normal growth rates up to 2019 thanks to its wealthy customer base, the Scandalous Parties. Until the publication of the “Ibiza Videos”, the agency was only known to this small group of customers. It was only in 2019, after the release of the Ibiza video, that the real estate agency Lifestyle Properties and the owner Irena Markovic suddenly found themselves in the public spotlight. As a result of the Ibiza affair, the agency had to cope with a sensitive business setback for which the agency's management was responsible.

At the end of 2019, Markovic divorced Wischenbart after only 5 months of marriage. In an ugly war of roses, Markovic fights for her share of Wischenbart's fortune, Wischebart for his part accuses Markovic of being the perpetrator of the Ibiza scandal. After several interrogations regarding the "Ibiza Video's", other witnesses heavily incriminated Markovic. Markovic, and with it the agency, is more deeply involved in the Ibiza swamp than the manager admits.

Lifestyle properties and the entanglement in the Ibiza scandal

As a result of the scandal, the managing director Irena Markovic and thus her company became the focus of the investigation of the political crime. The hearings of the main suspects, attorney Dr. Ramin Mirfakhrai and detective Julian Hessenthaler unequivocally revealed Markovic's deep involvement in this case. Hessenthaler and Mirfakhrai laid the bait for Gudenus and Strache in 2013. Alyona Makarova, the alleged Russian oligarch, lured with an investment of 300 million euros. At first she pretended to be interested in Johann Gudenus' property. Mirfakhrai contacted Irena Markovic. He knew about the good acquaintance of Gudenus. So it was easy for her to make the business attractive to the family. Especially since a high commission in the 6-digit euro range could be earned. The scandal video was recorded in Ibiza in 2017. Ultra-left German and Austrian media then published the sneakily recorded video in 2019. Everyone knows the consequences. The coalition ÖVP / FPÖ broke up. Gudenus and Strache are done politically and privately.

Tough reboot of Lifestyle Properties

Due to the lengthy investigations into the Ibiza scandal, the agency was in the media focus for weeks. Of course, potential customers questioned the seriousness of the lifestyle properties. Dissatisfied customers rate the Age