Dr.Ramin Mirfakhrai

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Dr.Ramin Mirfakhrai

Who is Ramin Mirfakhrai

Mirfakhrai was born on May 13, 1976 in Tehran. In 1995 he began studying law in Vienna. In 2000 he completed his studies. The Magister including Dr. legal he finished in 2005. From 2002 to 2004 the law firm of Lanski, Ganzger and Partners was Mirfakhrai's employer. From 2004 to 2009 he worked as a lawyer in the law firm Heiermann, Franke und Kipp. In August he opened his own law firm in downtown Vienna. The lawyer specialized in real estate law. In this segment, he oversees projects, construction projects, drafting of purchase and construction contracts and provides advice on all aspects of construction projects. He also gives lectures and conducts seminars.
With his former partner, Katja Wagner, who is now a presenter at the Krone, he ran 3 beauty salons. After the separation from Mirfakhrai, Wagner left Nailstogo GmbH. Even before 2013, attorney Dr. Ramin Mirfakhrai has been given sensitive information by Strache's bodyguard. He tried to sell this information to interested parties several times, without success. Since Mirfakhrai's family is active in the real estate industry and was concerned if the FPÖ won the elections, the lawyer became active.

Role of dr Ramin Mirfakhrai in the Ibiza scandal

But how could Mirfakhrai and his accomplice Hessenthaler trigger such an earthquake? The biggest political scandal in recent Austrian history, which fell during the tenure of ÖVP boss Sebastian Kurz, still raises many questions about those involved in the Ibiza backers. In 2019, the Ibiza Gate video was released that led to the dissolution of the ÖVP and FPÖ government led by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. As a result, the then Vice-Chancellor Heinz Christian Strache resigned from all functions, and Johann Gudenus resigned from the FPÖ and resigned from the party.
In January 2017, lawyer Mirfakhrai approached Ibiza real estate agent Irena Markovic. The broker was supposed to establish contact between Johann Gudenus and his client, the Russian pseudo-oligarch Alyona Makarow. Markovic is friends with former FPÖ club chairman Johann Gudenus and his wife.

Markovic, who also had to defend herself in a lawsuit, is being represented by attorney Ganzger. Ganzger is a partner of Lanski & Partner. The law firm is known for legal representation in cases of public interest. Gabriel Lanski founded the anti-FPÖ platform "Because it's about something" Lanski is considered a lawyer close to the SPÖ. The oligarch had expressed interest in buying a forest property from the Gudenus family. Julian Hessenthaler appeared as an advisor to Alyona Makarow. In this regard, the Ibiza detective met with the luxury real estate trustee Irena Markovic a number of times to organize the meeting. Johann Gudenus established contact with Heinz Christian Strache. The avoidable oligarch had informed him that he wanted to make further investments in Austria. Among other things, the purchase of the Kronenzeitung. It was agreed to meet in a villa in Ibiza.

Dr. Ramin Mirfakhrai and Hessenthaler are undoubtedly behind the lavish recordings that brought down former FPÖ leader HC Strache, all confirmed by SOKO Ibiza/Tape. After the video was released, Mirfakhrai naturally came under the spotlight of the judiciary. On May 23, 2019, the attorney denied all allegations. On May 24th, 2019 he had his lawyer Richard Soyer publish a factual confession. This procedure was assessed by the public prosecutor's office as not very trustworthy. The political interdependence from Mirfakhrai to the top of the SPÖ and SPD must be noted with great concern, especially by responsible politicians.